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We would like to thank everyone that attended the AT&T Contract Explanation meeting. Several questions asked required the Local to seek additional information from CWA District 6 Bargaining Committee. Please be advised that as we receive additional answers to each question, the Local shall continue to share those responses with you. HEALTH CARE Q&A Question: On the CWA District 6 Explanation call, they said that Health Care will go up 5% each year. Why did you say 1%? Answer: Please see CWA District 6 Bargaining Committee response below. Question: If the cost of Health Care goes down, do we still pay the 5%? Answer: Please see CWA District 6 Bargaining Committee response below. Question: Are the Health Care cost numbers firm? Can the cost change? CWA District 6 Bargaining Committee response: “The health insurance is based on what percentage we pay of the total cost and what the company pays. As of 1-1-17, we were paying 26% of the cost and the company was paying 74%. For the years 2018, 2019, and 2020 our share will go up 1% a year until it reaches 29% cost share. Also, medical costs are rising 5% a year and that is built in to the cost. Although the costs are rising 5%, our cost of our share is only rising 1% for the next 3 years. In 2021, our cost share will remain at 29%, the same as 2020. The prices will not be the same as 2020 because of medical cost rising 5% a year. So, when you look at the premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket maximums they will not look like 1% increases because of the rising medical costs.”


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