Welcome to CWA Local 6300

CWA Local 6300 Executive Board

Mark Johnson

314.991.0200 ext. 235

Mark has 16 years’ experience as former Treasurer, CWA City Council Treasurer, and Vice President of a CWA Local 6310. Mark has the leadership to bring this local to the UNITY it needs. Mark also has the fiduciary ability as past Treasurer to make sure the Local is spending your money in your best interest. As past Vice President along with teaching Stewards School for 10 years. Mark will make sure every member get the representation you not only need but deserve! Mark is also a leader in his community working as Co-Chair in the AT&T/CWA United Way Campaign, on the board of the Tri County United way, and a Board member of the Mary Ryder Home for many years. !
Joe Klenc
Executive Vice President

Vickie Jordan


Vickie Jordan has almost 37 years as a Union Member. She has held positions as Steward and Chief Steward. Vickie is active on several committees: Women’s Committee, Mobilization Committee and the Entertainment Committee. She has also been active with United Way/Employee Giving Campaign within her group’s structures. Vickie has the education, computer knowledge and skills to perform the duties of the Secretary position. Outside of work Vickie is active with multiple organizations including her Neighborhood Association where she is President currently and previously served as the Secretary for several years.
Mike Hensel
Vice President AT&T Plant 1/Legacy T

Gordon Smith, Jr.
Vice President AT&T Plant 2


Gordon Smith, Jr. was asked to be a Steward six months after starting with AT&T in 2011. From then on he proved to leadership and members that his recruitment was an excellent choice. He jumped into his position with a passion dedicated to get younger members more involved with 6300. In early 2013 Gordon became a delegate in the Saint Louis Labor Council. By late 2013 and backed by CWA Local 6300 Gordon attempted to bring his ambition to get young workers more involved to the Labor Council and was met with open arms. In the Spring of 2014 the group that Gordon wanted met for the first time and the Saint Louis Emerging Labor Leaders was born. A few months later by a unanimous vote to elect Gordon as President of the Saint Louis Emerging Labor Leaders was made. Gordon's dedication to all members is something he prides himself with. Members can trust that Gordon is a man that will always fight for workers' rights. That type of trust can only be earned by action and has been earned by Gordon.
Floyd Bell, Jr.
Vice President ASI/FACS


Floyd Bell, Jr. previously served as Chief Steward ASI/FACS. His inspiration in representation is to provide the best support and leadership to his Members. Floyd has used his position to allow him the opportunity to grow within the Local by educating himself with every experience. Knowing the future challenges of the Union movement and obstacles to be faced going forward Floyd has continued to be motivated to be up for the fight. This organization will not be allowed to falter under his leadership. There are battles on the horizon that Floyd is up for the challenge of fighting using more than the “business and usual” tactics to employ. Forward movement requires forward thinking and Floyd has equipped himself with the knowledge to move further. Floyd began his career with AT&T in 2000 as a Service Representative. A few short years later (completed Accelerated Training) becoming a Network Center Technician in Earth City. He has served this Local as Steward and Chief Steward. Floyd has also served on the Election Committee, Audit and Budget Committee, Organizing Committee and as a Delegate to Labor Council. Floyd is driven by his confidence in the Labor Movement and his dedication to the membership to fight to ensure the future of Labor and this Local.
Rose McCowan
Vice President Metro


Rose has worked 28 years with AT&T. She started in February 1989 as an Operator and has held various positions within the company. She is currently a Senior Records Clerk in Risk Management in the St. Louis area. Rose served as a Steward in the metro area for several years, later appointed as Chief Steward and is now the VP Metro area. Rose worked with the Legislative Committee to help obtain signatures to stop RTW from going into effect in Missouri and is currently the Liaison for the Civil Rights and Equity Committee. Rose is concerned about members having their voices heard and strives to represent members in the best possible way. That means being available to members, listening to their concerns, and fostering open and honest communication with members. Times demand that we stand and fight the good fight; Together we WIN!
Tori Pratt
Vice President Appendix B & I


Tori began with ATT in February of 2000 and has been a member of this great local during that time. In the past three years she has served as a Chief Union Steward. She is chair of the Community Services Committee, and is serving on the Building and Scholarship Committees as well. Tori currently serves in a Union capacity at multiple locations. She believes in our members, the contract and the grievance process. She wants to fight for our members rights. Tori wants to ensure her coworkers are kept up to date with any issues going on in the workplace and ensure they know that we will address any of their concerns with responsible representation and discretion. Tori also wants to see our union strive. With the economy, constant changes, and loss of members we all need to work smarter. Our local as a whole needs to work together to sustain our current members and keep adding to the membership. She will fight for our members rights with uncompromising integrity. She will be in your corner in the office and in the bargaining process. IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!!! VOTE TORI PRATT VICE PRESIDENT B&I
John Ebeling
Vice President Print and Media Sector


John began his Apprenticeship in at Mendle Printing Company. John was laid off and continued his Apprenticeship at Wellston Journal. That job was interrupted by 4 years of active duty in the Naval Air Reserve. Upon his return he returned to the Wellston Journal,then to the Stockyard Reporter to finish his Apprenticeship. As a Journeyperson, he worked at the St. Louis Daily Record Company, where he spent the next 13 years as Chapel Chairperson, Executive Committee Member of St. Louis Typographical Union #8, Board of Trustees, Organizing Committee, Bargaining Committee Member and Delegate to many Conferences and ITU Conventions.John was employed at the St. Louis Daily Record when he was elected President of the Local in 1975. John presently serves as first Vice President of the St. Louis Labor Council, President of the St. Louis Allied Printing Trades Council and President of the Missouri State Allied Printing Trades Association. John was married to Elaine for 43 years at the time of her passing.